Could digital currencies put banks out of enterprise? | The Economist

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been billed as a significant disruptor to finance. However digital currencies issued by governments could be much more radical—they could even threaten the way forward for conventional banking.

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  2. Cyber currency wars between nations, that sounds scary. And there is also a huge risk of Orwellian control and surveillance. There are also benefits with e-money and a global digital currency can prevent cyber wars so that's my guess about what will happen within this decade.

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  5. Ahem…no…at least not when they buy into the crypto wave as some smarter bank managers already did by placing a bid. (not refering to the three stoogish turtles here)

  6. My trading journey was a matriculation of highs and lows, literally just like the market. you up, you down. Now I'm constantly up

  7. Out of Business ? Are you kidding ! Governments are working at implementing their own digital currency.
    CASH means the government can't "turn you off" like they just did with the protestors in Canada.
    CASH is PRIVACY and FREEDOM. That is why governments want to do away with it, they will tell you it is for a whole bunch of reasons to make your life better, but that is the real underlying reason, CONTROL.
    If you do not tow the line, THEY CAN TURN YOU OFF. THINK

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