Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes

There are numerous alternative ways to encrypt a message, from early, easy ciphers to the well-known Enigma machine. However it’s powerful to make a code actually unbreakable.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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  1. I don't think it is only North Korea that can hack into the messages of other nations, we found out that the Americans were also doing this in our country, at the time it was the biggest scandal, but it didn't come to anything. In my humble opinion, no one should do that, information is private.

  2. Hi, one of my ex workers sent me an encrypted message with some numbers and some normal words and then a repeat of other words. He means to harm me and gave me a date of 3 Feb. I'm hoping one of you could please help me to crack the code. Its a long message and its very concerning. Sadly the cops ignored it.. Thanks a lot. Any apps to decrypt would be great or a contact of someone willing to help.

  3. this video was very useful to learn more about cryptography and to encode a message, something that has been very useful to me, because the it's the only way (apart from these commentsw) that i can communicate with the outside world without IT blocking me

  4. I think u made a mistake but not sure “EKKZHSH UA VOE KCQIVLSX”
    Shouldn’t the I in (KCQIVLSX) be a letter A ??? I don’t know how u came to the conclusion of I listening to u it should b an A ?? Right or wrong ?


    What is the key.

    Please help me

  6. Galaxy Cipher Machine.
    An unbreakable cipher machine for secure short communications, and for coding passwords to access larger data files. With each rotation of the discs, and replacing of the set discs, gives another password segment (and which segment it is in the order). Together they are safely used for the full password. 
    A method called CALICO passwording. 
      Set up: A disc cipher machine on a spindle, the wheels are like checkers in that they have notches to fit into each other. 1st wheel is the set wheel with the numbers 1-80 scrambled,etched around the side, and on the top edge are three alphabets,scrambled the same, with two empty spaces to make 80 digits around the top. Each letter on the top is over a number on the side.
    There are 26 body discs, each having two rows (top and bottom) of 1-80 on their sides. 
    The first message is a four number code: 1234. This is first a security check. The number 23 on the disc, 4 to the right, plus 1, gives you the security response.
    For the set up: The number one represents which set disc is to be used. The 23 is the number on the set wheel that is under the letter on the top "E". This letter is the first body wheel to be put on the spindle under the set wheel. Depending on what the users invented for themselves, an even number goes left, odd/right. So the order of the body discs is the E first, then of right for the rest of the letter order for the discs. The body discs are like checkers in that they have notches for them to fit into each other. There is a dot on the bottom of the set wheel somewhere between two numbers, and a dot on each side of each body wheel as well. The last number of the 1234, the 4, is how many (left or right) notches to shift the discs as they are being put on using the dots as beginning points. 4 was invented to mean right for the dots so each disc has their dots spaced 4 notches to the right of the one above it.  It is also decided/invented which wheels go on up-side down. Once all wheels are in place a tightening bolt is screwed on the spindle to secure the wheels.
    Operation:  In the coded message sent, the first 30 numbers are still part of the set up. The message follows after them. In these 30 numbers you have invented the pattern that if there are two number 6s in the 5th, 13th, 18th, and 29th numbers, the message is authentic. If there are more or less than two number 6s the message is bogus and is disregarded.  In the first 30 numbers, you take the 4th and 9th numbers to know which algorithms to use, in this case both numbers are 12,34. The first message letters is O. Find an O on the top of the set wheel and go down to the number below it on the edge, say 57. Now the first four algorithms are made up by the two users of the machines so they can be anything their imaginations can come up with. Like, from 57, down five wheels to the top row of 1-80 where the number is 32, find 32 on the bottom row and go down 7 more wheels and do the same, to the last wheel. 2nd algorithm is a diagonal up to the right 8 wheels, over five numbers, then up to the left 6 wheels, back and forth to the top. 3rd algorithm is another imaginative pattern ending at the bottom number 78. 4th algorithm now has a sleeve that fits over the machine with holes randomly drilled into its side lining up with each wheel's number lines, 15 holes per line. Now look again to the first 30 numbers and see the 18th and the 62nd numbers are 36, and 84.  So now the 78 is lined up with the 3rd wheel's top number 6 hole, this shows the number 69 in the bottom number row hole 8. This continues for 4 discs to the last number 51 that is sent in to the other communicating person. They run it all backwards to find the letter O. throughout the sent message there are many OOs. The pattern invented is that you go six numbers beyond the OO to see if the is a number 5 in that number (75). If there is you know it is a body disc shift. The other number is how many notches to shift each dot. Do this at least once every message. It there is a 2 in that number (27) it means to replace the set disc with another one, in this case the number 7 set disc. You replace the old one and just line up the dots of the new set disc directly over the dot beneath it on the first body disc. Do this at least once every message for both set and body discs.
    Another code invented tells you to change the entire order of the set up with a 4 digit set up number following it. 
     Golden rules: 1) Never use the same set up code more than once. 2) Always send at least 15 phony messages for every one authentic message. 3) Always shift both the set disc and body discs at least once every message.
    This cipher machine has ever changing/shifting number patterns, an infinite number of invented algorithms that are used in different orders, a large number of 4th algorithm repeats, and every set of machines has a different operation. Each operating set of machines have virgin discs no other machines have. The shear number of possible discs prevents anyone from guessing the correct disc order of numbers. Algorithms can be applied in reverse order, on and on. This cipher machine cannot be broken if used correctly. 
    Regards, Russell Lee

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  8. I’m gonna use this to send something to my friends just to weird them out, what am I doing you ask? Putting encryption through encryption through encryption, etc.

  9. If you combine a shitload of ciphers then it be close to impossible
    Like doing a Cesar cypher then converting it all to binary then converting the binary to letters then using hexadecimal

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