“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me?

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Opera GX is right here. We have gaming chairs, gaming glasses, gaming socks… and now we’ve got a gaming BROWSER. It is the gaming product we did not know we wanted. OR DO WE? As a result of Opera has been form of sketchy recently…

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  1. I really don't understand why Chrome has so little features. Like the pop-out video, save page as PDF, screenshots, customizable shortcuts.. Should all add quite some value to the ux of certain users. Also the VPN is quite nice if you're geo-blocked or if you want to debug something as developer.

  2. I genuinely like the program… fuck Chrome and it's RAM hungry crap… GX feels so much faster and yet it's not devouring my RAM.

    The customization is awesome, I love the fact that it's got sound effects and the background music when browsing quiet pages- not to mention the background music is reflective on activity… if you're idle for a while the music calms down significantly, the moment you start to do things like clicking, it slowly picks up… then when you start browsing or typing it kicks up full swing again

  3. Ngl opera GX with customisation is really nice and smooth. But when I used it to full battery it only lasted 1hr 11mins on battery saver mode

    When I used Microsoft edge it lasted a whopping 2hrs and 30mins

    (Both had same amount of tabs open)

  4. i like it. I dont like your channel tho, your sponsors suck too, starting out with a bunch of ppl just laughing of the opera browser. jus bad. ALso not trusting opera? how about not trusting fucking google chrome? do you know the insane china level censorship they havem, Theyre fucking tracking to ad you to death? How about edge, microsoft had to pay tens of millions of dollars to oprea for fucking with them. this video is so fake and stupid, probably paid for by google.

  5. google chrome works fine for me but i also have 64gbs of ram but even when i use chrome its only YouTube Facebook and Instagram and that only uses like 8gbs of ram

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