How crypto regulation might fare underneath the Joe Biden administration

CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” workforce discusses cryptocurrency regulation underneath the Biden administration with Tom Jessop of Constancy. For entry to reside and unique video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Obviously the PROBLEM is Russians getting around sanctions with crypto currency.
    With the world REACTION being fear and anger.
    The clear SOLUTION is for the IMF and the US Congress to completely control, regulate, and destroy cryptocurrency.
    That should fix it, the same way the Patriot Act fixed freedom and liberty.

  2. They want to regulate because they see too many average citizens wanting to invest. They cant have that. They want average people to put their heads down and work and be controlled most of their lives. Only the rich and private investment banks can trade and invest… Basically.

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  4. PONZI/PYRAMID SCHEME WARNING!! It doesn't take ape to figure out that all the crypto coins will continue to be printed at a much faster pace than any legit currency. Do not pump your stim checks that are meant to stimulate your OWN economy into hot air. These crypto currencies are directly linked to black market drug dealers, rogue nation states, child endangerment and above all a lack of education. Why on earth would you want to devalue your own currency in favor of a digital fiat that will be pumped and dumped the next day. Have some pride in yourself and your country sheeple. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE or that YOU DONT KNOW FINANCE – GAMBLERS SMH

  5. Ok so have you noticed anytime these people talk about almost impossible “regulation” BTC only dips 4% then the market takes it as a correction and it keeps pumping lol fail on regulators

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  11. Illegal activity on the blockchain? There will be illegal activity with anything that holds value. Dollar, pet fur and even catalytic converters for gods sake.

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  13. Here comes the mark, here comes the mark, and here the mark, yup, yup, yup, here it comes.

    Now, you may say its not, and this, you have said it as so, but here it comes anyway, coming anyway, and yes it is all really, really happening now.

    Enjoy. 7 1/2 years from now this world will be over and God Himself is going to set it right.

    You're witness to this.

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