How to AVOID Taxes on Cryptocurrency residing in Italy

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On this Video I had the pleasure to interview Patrick an Italian who moved to Italy particularly in Veneto Area (near Venice) and utilized for the Inpatriate Regime lowering his Italian tax burden by 4500 / 5000 euro per 12 months on his NET wage and as second exercise ihe s investing and speculating with cryptocurrency turning into an actual professional! He explains how you can exploit the Italian regulation and tax companies clarifications (circolari) to keep away from to pay taxes legally on cryptocurrency capital achieve whereas residing in Italy as fiscal resident.

Patrick’s Channel

The cryptocurrency portfolio tax calculator & monitoring

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  1. Do I have to pay tax if I deposit through SEPA bank? And if you withdraw directly from the cryptocurrency to the SEPA bank, do you have to pay tax? I'm waiting for your response , thank you .

  2. Thanks very much for the informative video. I have an important question on a different aspect of owning cryptocurrencies: According to PWC, “Stamp duty: Financial investments owned in Italy by an individual are subject to the Italian wealth tax. The taxable base is the value of the financial investments at 31 December. The applicable tax rate is equal to 0.2%”. So first of all, is this really true? And secondly, would crypto holdings (which could be in either an Italy-registered crypto exchange branch or in a private wallet like LedgerLive) be taxed this way?? Is there really such a wealth tax? Grazie!

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  5. So if on 1st January my crypto portfolio is worth €49000 and it grows to €249000 before the end of the year, I sell €200000 worth of crypto before the end of year, there is no tax?

  6. So assuming I have 200k in crypto, what if I sell 49k (under the threshold) worth of crypto every year and withdraw into fiat in Unicredit. will i then have to pay no taxes?

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