How to put money into cryptocurrency SAFELY | + Luno Malaysia information

How to put money into cyptocurrency safely? Consider it or not, there are some easy methods that you may use to restrict your dangers in relation to crypto-investing. I’m not at all a crypto professional, so undoubtedly analysis additional earlier than you make investments your hard-earned cash!

The most effective cryptocurrency exchanges in Malaysia are:

Luno Malaysia (absolutely regulated by Securities Fee Malaysia)
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2. Deposit and purchase MYR 250 in BTC utilizing “INSTANT BUY” (Luno change not included)
3. We each get MYR 25.00 free BTC

Binance (this can be a international platform that isn’t regulated by SC, so commerce at your personal threat!)
Once more, not sponsored, however I do have an affiliate hyperlink 🙂

How to arrange the 4EMA chart on Luno:
1. Open up the Luno Trade (on desktop)
2. On the highest left nook, choose the crypto of curiosity (BTC/MYR or ETH/MYR and so forth)
3. On the highest left nook, change the timeframe in keeping with your liking (1hr-4hr for mid time period buying and selling, 1 day for long run investing) – personally, I favor 1-4 hours if I am charts each different day, and 1 day charts if I’m solely charts as soon as per week or so
4. On the highest, click on on “indicator” and search “ema” – click on on “shifting common exponential” 4 occasions to convey it onto your chart
5. Click on on the gear icon of every EMA tab to open the settings
6. Change the “size enter” to (8, 13, 21, 55) from high to backside and “color” to (inexperienced, yellow, orange, crimson) from high to backside, enhance line thickness for higher visibility
*Numbers are from the Fibonacci sequence, which has an attention-grabbing correlation to market tendencies!
7. Search for entry (purchase sign) – search for a pinch, after the pinch, all 4 strains transfer upwards within the color sequence inexperienced (high), yellow, orange, crimson (backside)
8. Search for exit (promote sign) – search for a pinch, after the pinch, all 4 strains transfer downwards within the color sequence crimson (high), orange, yellow, inexperienced (backside)

0:00 Introduction
00:38 Set a most funding restrict
01:41 Select a safe crypto change
03:01 Analysis the cryptocurrency
04:22 Determine when to purchase/promote (Technical evaluation)
07:38 Luno – the right way to place a restrict order
08:25 Establishing a cease loss (optionally available)
11:19 Storing your crypto (sizzling vs chilly wallets)

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  1. Hi, Thanks for such informative videos. I have a question if you can answer, please. I am signing up for my account on Luno for the first time. During the process of signing up it is asking for a photo of proof of residential address (make sure it's bank letter or bank statement). I don't understand what is it? and How can get I get it? Thanks

  2. Nice video here… i have made huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mr Arif Kirk on , he trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission he charges on his trade

  3. Thank you for your clear explanation! Really helpful. One quick question: is there any bitcoin reward credit card in Malaysia? I can't seem to find any info regarding this.

  4. How to buy Shibu Inu? Not available in Malaysia. Bitcoin too expensive. Smart investor, buy low , sell high. Not buy high and hope to sell higher! Why Malaysia always not available when it cheap for investor, but after rise up to 100,000% , only than available!!! Shibu inu now price at $0.000022. Actual facts is, they want to protect the Banks & Insurance company, otherwise people invest in cheap cryptocurrency. No democracy!! People should had rights on how to invest!!

  5. Hello. I want to tell my friend in Malaysia how to play Luno and Binance register. I recommended your video to a friend, but he still can't use it. Can you help me? Oh! I'm Junwonlee, a Korean living in Australia.

  6. Hi Swan! Your video is great and very educational. I just downloaded the Luno app and waiting for their confirmation. I have one question if you don't mind, how do you decide the limit price and amount? Thanks again, Swan!

  7. Hello, I enjoyed the video. I'm Korean.Does Malaysia pay taxes to the country on profits from bitcoin transactions? I'm planning to immigrate to Malaysia. And can foreigners trade bitcoins through LUNO in Malaysia?

  8. Hi Swan, just checking, does the setting for 4hr on the candle applicable to say, if i decide to view it as '1 day', do i need to adjust the ema indicators length input?

  9. Tbh, LUNO supports very very limited number of coins ! Not suitable for those who wants to spread their capital over a span of 10-15 high potential coins

  10. Hmm, it's worth thinking about. pls, also say your prediction about Green Arrow Token, the heavy BNB reflectionary protocol. I think it must be reviewed. Can I make x100 with their holding of $GAT for free BNB?

  11. Hi, I really enjoyed your videos. @1:35, you mentioned about yr assets allocation in 2021, may I know are you using 50/20/30 thumb of rule for your income to make those assets allocation? hope you can reply this! 😀

  12. Hi Swan. Very informative video. Keep up the great job. Just one question. I can't seem to find the "Save" option on Luno Exchange as what you did at the end saving your settings of 4 EMAs. By any chance you could help me. Thanks again

  13. HI, thank you for your video. I have tried to deposit some money in MYR wallet. But the screen shows its not supported in my country (Malaysia). I have sent several email for assistance, but there is no response. kindly advise. tq

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