How to Live ENTIRELY on Crypto (2022)

Now that you have gotten into crypto, what do you DO along with your crypto?

Many individuals are constructing their financial savings in cryptocurrencies that may’t be debased, in preparation for potential future financial upheaval.

However there are some who argue that today of upheaval is already right here:
– Now we have a monetary system the place you need to ask permission to make use of your personal cash, and funds could be blocked
– The place each time you swipe your card your purchases are tracked & monitored.
– The place any financial savings that you just do depart in fiat in your checking account are shedding worth quick.

So because of this, an increasing number of persons are selecting to not have any cash in fiat in any respect. They convert all their financial savings to crypto, after which stay completely off that crypto.

As a part of my newbie’s information to utilizing crypto on a regular basis, I spent a day with Joël Valenzuela to learn the way he lives 100% on crypto:
How does he purchase groceries? Pay hire? Purchase from main chains that do not settle for crypto? Handle volatility?

His solutions are actually useful for anybody able to make the leap!

00:00 – Why spend crypto on a regular basis?
03:45 – Native companies
04:31 – BitRefill
05:02 –
06:03 – DashDirect
07:02 – Flexa
08:14 – Paying Payments with Crypto
09:08 – Paying Hire with Crypto
09:44 – How to Deal with Volatility

Particular THANK YOU to Joël Valenzuela and ALL of the fantastic Crypto pleasant companies of New Hampshire that welcomed me!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser! Consider me as a substitute as an advisor on easy methods to stay your most sovereign life 🙂

Edited by Lee Rennie

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  2. So, if you wan to use crypto, you have to only use businesses that use it, or convince businesses to use it, or use a work around service to essentially convert crypto to local currency…
    Say what you will about the dollar here in the US, but it's taken everywhere, and doesn't require a lifestyle change to earn and spend it. It's interesting to see how someone can live on crypto, but even he isn't able to do it.

  3. 2:19 I bet you his perspective / argument here: "letting people use whatever forms of payment they want" would suddenly evaporate if I came in wanting to pay in mexican pesos.

  4. The problem with crypto is that all of it is entirely dependent upon computers. One single well placed electromagnetic pulse, natural or artificial, will wipe it all out. Gold will always be gold no matter what.

  5. This is an eye opener, this guy is basically living 20-30 years ahead of everyone that only rely on the government, once mass adoption happens the world as a whole they’ll look back and say this guy is not crazy in the crypto era

  6. No chance I’m buying anything in crypto, I’ll end up buying a $2.00 soda that will be worth $200 in a month. I’ll hold. Maybe stable coins but never BTC, ETH or any crypto that historically goes up in value.

  7. "When the whole world is marching over a cliff; the man heading in the opposite direction is said to be out of his mind" — HL Mencin, 12 9th Century Historian.

  8. I noticed that he also uses GNU-Linux on his laptop, to get away from Microsoft and Apple. This guy is truly part of the resistance. I salute him.

  9. Hi Naomi! I have a question; What is the purpose of using, say, Bitcoin when the purchasing process of Bitcoin will still leave you open for tracking? Bitcoin transactions are public and so if you buy Bitcoin with your credit card, you can still be tracked, no? I'm really interested in crypto but I'm having a hard time understanding how it's better than credit cards? Great video, love your channel! 🙂

  10. Ici en France, les entreprises acceptant des cryptomonnaies comme le monero (XMR) ou même le bitcoin (BTC) sont encore une ultra-minorité. J'accepte d'être payé pour mes services de sous-titrage avec des cryptos, mais je dois toujours les convertir dans une devise exploitable pour mes besoins quotidiens. L'euro (EUR) a encore de très, très belles années devant lui.

  11. There are a lot of takeaways where I live and also local markets that only accept cash. I want to be able to tell them what app to use in order to accept crypto. Many of these people don’t even know what crypto is but they all have phones and tablets. So something simple is what’s needed.

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