How To Use MetaStocks Reference Function

The MetaStock reference operate is without doubt one of the mostly used features, because it permits us to check with the worth of any expression, or the chosen ‘information array’, any variety of durations again or consequent durations into the long haul.

It is essential to notice that if you’re utilizing the reference operate to check with a interval into the long haul it’s clearly dynamic, which means that it could actually change. Subsequently look out when utilizing it inside system exams, since it could actually create deceptively good outcomes.

How To Use MetaStocks Reference Function

MetaStock Syntax: Ref(Knowledge Array, Durations)

Knowledge Array = The worth of the info array that will likely be returned from ‘x’ variety of durations in the past.

Durations = This dictates what number of durations ahead or again to reference the worth of the info array from. A caustic measure will check with a worth anterior to now, whereas a optimistic measure will check with a worth sooner or later.

Here is how it could look in an instance. The next method refers back to the closing worth yesterday:


Within the MetaStock method above:

Knowledge Array = C

Durations = -1

Here is how you’d use the method in a extra helpful software of this instance:

C>Ref(C,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)> Ref(C,-2)

This MetaStock method specifies that the closing worth from the present interval have to be above the closing worth from the earlier interval; and the closing worth from the earlier interval have to be big than the closing worth from the interval earlier than that. On this instance, we’ve got used the closing worth as the info array, even so you should use nearly any operate or indicator.

One other widespread software of the reference operate is to precisely describe peaks and troughs, with out utilizing the height and trough features inside MetaStock. A easy definition of a peak is a bar that has had 2 earlier durations with decrease highs and a pair of consequent durations with decrease highs. Utilizing the reference operate, we are able to precisely code this as follows:

H>Ref(H,-1) AND Ref(H,-1)>Ref(H,-2) AND H>Ref(H,1) AND Ref(H,1)>Ref(H,2)

Notice that since we’re utilizing a optimistic software of the Reference operate (denoted by ‘H>REF(H,1)’), a sign will only seem after the occasion has handed. In different phrases, you only know a peak has occurred after it has occurred.

In case you are new to MetaStock method then this might sound advanced or complex even so when you ‘get it’ you will comprehend why it is utilised by so {many professional} merchants.

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