Indian Time Cycles – Gann And The Future Of The US Stock Market

“Most Gann aficionados know that Gann used astrology and that in essence the most profitable merchants use it of their buying and marketing, as it’s the hidden undercurrent that runs the markets. J.P. Morgan, the initiation father of the Morgan financial institution, was fond of claiming that “anybody could be a millionaire, ne’ertheless to develop into a billionaire, you want an astrologer.” He had a personal astrologer, Evageline Adams, who helped him tremendously. I’ve been lucky to buy medium of exchange pseudoscience books from her library.

It’s a bit recognized incontrovertible fact that W. D. Gann went to India and studied Indian Sidereal Astrology. In his notebooks we discover sketches of pseudoscience symbols on his charts; and in his memoirs, he discusses his journey to India. In truth, the well-known Gann wheel was first used by tea retailers in 17th century India. Gann additionally mentioned the significance of utilizing the beginning date of when the primary futures contract for a commodity started buying and marketing for predicting the way forward for that commodity. To my information, there are only a couple of people who use these beginning dates to expeditiously time the markets regardless that my expertise in utilizing Indian Sidereal astrology has verified that these charts are invaluable.

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Indian Time Cycles - Gann And The Future Of The US Stock Market

Under is a quick introduction to Indian Sidereal Astrology, an outline of Indian time cycles and the way they can be used, and a forecast by way of 2017 for the U.S. inventory market based mostly on this proficiency.

The Western Zodiac vs. the Indian Zodiac

Indian astrology is over 5000 years previous and has its basis in historical science. Parashara, an important seer or historical scientist, intuited the legal guidelines of house and time responsible the evolution of human consciousness and recorded his findings in a e book referred to as the Brihat Hora Sastra.

The primary main distinction between Indian and Western astrology lies inside the calculation of the longitude of the planets. Historic Indian astrologers detected that the equinoxes thenlstices affected backward by one sheepskin each 72 years, an astronomical phenomenon now generally known as precession. Over time this has resulted in a distinction of barely over 23 levels between the tropical Zodiac, used by Western astrologers, and the natural object Zodiac, used by Indian astrologers. In essence, the 2 methods differ of their selection of a zero level for Aries–the Western system makes use of the place of the spring equinox, whereas the Indian system makes use of a hard and fast star. Thus when the Solar is transferring into Aries supported the Western system, it’s notwithstandin at 6 levels Pisces inside the Indian system. (For an extra dialogue of the variations, delight see my clause inside the Winter 1989 NCGR Journal.)

Planetary Durations: Past Transits

A dasha is a time frame throughout which one’s life is influenced or subordinate by a hand-picked planet. For instance, the shortest interval, the Solar interval, lasts six years, whereas the longest interval, Venus, lasts twenty years. These cycles unfold in a hard and fast sequence and comprise 120 years earlier than they repeat. The order of the cycles is:

Ketu (Moon’s South Node): 7 years

Venus: 20 years

Solar: 6 years

Moon: 10 years

Mars: 7 years

Rahu: (North Node) 18 years

Jupiter: 16 years

Saturn: 19 years

Mercury: 17 years.

The place the cycle begins relies on the precise place of the moon around the time of beginning. For instance, when soybeans began buying and marketing in 1936, the moon was inside the constellation (nakshatra) of Orion, which is dominated by the planet Mars. Thus a ordered unfoldment of cycles started with a seven years Mars interval adopted by Rahu (North Node of Moon), 18 years, Jupiter 16 years, intheretos present Saturn interval that lasts 20 years then on. If beans had begun buying and marketing a day later, then the cycle would have begun from the following constellation, which is dominated by Rahu, or the North Node of the moon. The variety of levels the moon has transited by way of a nakshatra will decide how a pot time is left inside the preliminary cycle. Thus if the moon have been inside the closing sheepskin of the constellation, the preliminary cycle will start inside the final part of the cycle. (Software program is accessible for speedy laptop calculation of those cycles–see references beneath.)

Inside main cycles are sub-periods or sub-cycles that additionally unfold in a set ordered sample. The sub-cycle begins with planet ruling the most important cycle after which continues in sequence. For instance, the present Saturn interval for shares began with a Saturn/Saturn interval in 1998, and continued with a Saturn/Mercury interval in August 2001 adopted by a Saturn/Ketu interval in 2004, then on. The foremost Saturn cycle will end in 2017 after which the U.S. inventory market will go right into a Mercury main interval. With the design to aright use the Indian time cycles and their small durations, one will need to have the precise time of the beginning of the primary future’s contract of a commodity. Every minute that one is off can result in fixing the prediction low or excessive by about 4 days. O’Non and Remnick exemplify the significance of the precise time utilizing an ism of analogy from physics:

To launch a rocket ship to the moon, information of the exact angle, time, and site of the launching on earth are necessary. Whether it is launched at a barely entirely different time and angle, it’s going to miss by 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

I’ve necessary to journey to the archives of the Chicago Board of Commerce and different main exchanges to confirm the primary tick beginning time and have collected an nearly full set of dates and instances that I make out there to individuals in my superior seminars or by way of my habitation examine course on Vedic Monetary Astrology (see references beneath). The problem is that a couple of of this information could be very heavy to get or was destroyed as was the case for wheat and corn information because of the Chicago hearth and New York exchanges merging and ne’er holding good information. It takes time to rectify the charts and make them helpful. The best solution to comprehend the results of a interval is simply too get a load at previous examples. As a result of we’ve 215 12 months of cognition on the U.S. inventory market, and the entire unfoldment of a collection of cycles is 120 years, we are able to return to the interval between 1878 and 1897 to review previous analogues.

Software of the Indian Cycles to the US Stock Market

What is awfully thrilling about utilizing dashas or Indian time cycles for market prediction is that it permits one to know the precise date that cycles change, to label them, and to measure whether or not they’re robust ups, minor ups, robust downs, or sideways. If one research the 215 12 months historical past of the inventory market, and is familiar in the principles for predicting and decipherment the Indian dasha or time cycle system, the mysterious cycles which appear to manipulate shares would not be a thriller. For instance, by no chance event the bull market that started in 1982 coincided with the start of a 16-year Jupiter interval, which started in late August. Basically then, this proficiency foretold the inventory market would proceed to develop till 1998, since Jupiter is a “”optimistic”” planet and is nicely positioned inside the natal chart of the Might 17, 1792 inventory market chart. Rises and falls inside the main cycles are defined by sub-periods, or antardasas. These sub-periods can both amplify or diminish the power of the most important interval.

Inside this 16-year interval, the transits of Jupiter, its retrogradation and facets thereto are particularly powerful since Jupiter assumes the second most essential function inside the NYSE chart succeeding to the moon, the chart lord. The Jupiter interval led to 1998, when a 19-year Saturn interval assumed the second-most essential function.

A latest examine I did of the NYSE will clarify how the dashas could be of use to identify short- period of time and intermediate declines or rises. Sure mixtures result in very sure outcomes. To get every day timing on the inventory market, one wants look at 4 or 5 ranges of dashas, or cycles, to interrupt the large 20- and 2-3-year durations down into 20- and 3-4- day durations. Amazingly, the alternating mixtures which can be unfavourable on the large scale stage will commonly show unfavourable on the small scale.

A comparpower of the October-February 1987-88 fourth stage cycles (Jupiter/Mercury/Venus/Rahu then on.) with the third stage durations in 1901-1904 (Mercury/Venus/Rahu) reveals that the most important lows coincide with a repetition of specific mixtures. This precept can be prolonged to sections of different cycles in different years. For instance, word the next:

Venus/Rahu/Saturn: (8-28-29 to 2-17-30) Declined from excessive of 372.06 on 9-03-29 to a low of 230.07 on 10-29-29. Jupiter/Mercury/Venus/Rahu/Saturn (Dec 4, 1987). Signaled one other main low and decline to 1747 on the Dow after being as excessive as 2051 following the crash.

Jupiter/Mercury/Venus/Venus/Rahu (October 19, 1987) The third stage Venus interval did contribute to the course of the decline together with many discouraged oppositions, the return to an eclipsed constellation, and the natural object transit of Uranus into Sagittarius. This one instance signifies how the Venus/Rahu mixture can be used to sign a pointy decline if it happens in a hand-picked mixture.

This specific Venus/Rahu mixture is just one of many mixtures that one can label, and traditionally examine. Different mixtures are optimistic, resembling when the sequence unfolds from a Solar interval right into a Moon interval and onto a Mars interval. For instance, the inventory market’s final main Moon Interval went from August 1947-August 1957. Throughout that point the Dow went from 179.74 to 492.32, a acquire of over 200%. Throughout small moon cycles inside large durations, such because the Mars/Moon interval from Jan 21, 1964 to August 21, 1964 the market climbed from 776 to 838. And inside the Rahu/Moon interval from Jan 31, 1980 to July 31, 1981, the Dow climbed from 875 to 935. Even on the third stage we are able to often depend on a rally throughout a moon interval, such because the Jupiter/Mercury/Moon interval from April 4, 1988 to June 13, 1988. We detected a shock rally that started in late Might and took the Dow from 2000 originally of the interval to nearly 2200 by the top of the interval.

From the above examples, one can see the worth of with the power to label and measure the cycles in an effort to predict the order of magnitude of the transfer. As many cycle analysts know, one can commonly discover main cycle lows and entry level ne’ertheless notwithstandin not have any thought how massive the transfer goes to be. The Indian time cycle evaluation is a real resolution to foretelling as a result of it may well predict the long run, not simply recommend it from the previous.

Future of the US Stock Market Based mostly on Indian Cycles into 2017

A 19-year lackluster Saturn interval in 1998-2017 doesn’t have the optimistic vitality that we’ve seen inside the Jupiter Interval from 1982-1998. Consequently, the market is not going to go straight up nor will it go straight down–and it seems that Venus durations have the most important share losses. As we detected inside the 18 12 months Rahu interval from August 1964 to August 1982, the market can go cyberspace sideways in comparatively slim worth bands over a couple of years.

There’s an approximate excessive into June 9, 2007 adopted by a pointy decline into the week of Oct. 22, 2007 with a decrease low due into in regards to the third week of April 2008. We’re notwithstandin observation patterns to translate this into worth motion.

There seems to be a restoration rally into late Might 2010, then a pointy fall into Dec. 2010, a restoration towards the highs into Jan. 2013 and a significant decline into 2013 that is without doubt one of the last factors in the entire interval, a restoration into August 2015 after which a pointy fall into the top of the interval, which makes new lows into April 2017. Therefore the durations to be drawn-out shares look like Feb.-June 2007; April 2008 to Might 2010 and Dec. 2010 to Jan. 2013. We modify these directional indicators utilizing Elliott Wave sample evaluation to foretell worth. There seems ample upward impulse inside the present cycle to take shares a pot raised into the June 2007 cycle excessive.

Gann reminded us that we’ve to take every part we all know and apply it to our forecasts. Indian Time cycles are one instrument. In our publication, we mix it with Elliott wave sample evaluation, minor pseudoscience timing from planetary facets, and 5 different proprietary alternating methods additionally to technical evaluation.
Again in 1990 and 1994, when everybody was discouraged about shares, we foretold DOW costs nicely over 7000 into 1998-2000 based mostly on our dasha cycle fashions.


Anybody making an attempt to uncover the mysterious legal guidelines of nature that underlie the commodity and inventory markets can be rewarded and intrigued by the depths of Indian astrology. The examine of Indian astrology leads not exclusively to information of financial legal guidelines, ne’ertheless finally to information of the self. Understanding Indian cycles and transits is as essential for buying and marketing expeditiously as timing system. A mix of the 2 is astoundingly helpful and results in a profound appreciation of the order of pure regulation. Whereas no pseudoscience system must be used 100% to time market entries and exits, utilizing each pseudoscience and technical indicators can unquestionably stack the percentages in a single’s favor.”

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