Kirby Vacuum Belt And Nozzle Changing

To vary the belt on a publish world warfare 2 Kirby vacuum, it’s important to take care of a generally complex system referred to as the belt lifter. You additionally should take care of this when eradicating the nozzle to make use of the hose, carpet shampooer, or different attachment. To make use of one other head(nozzle) or hose on the Kirby motor unit, or change the belt, it’s important to take away the elevation from the remainder of the vacuum.

WARNING! At all multiplication disconnect any electrical equipment earlier than engaged on.

To take away the nozzle, first agitate the headlight. Then flip the belt lifter (the factor on the entrance that may flip about 3/4 of a flip) counter clockwise so far as it is going to go. This could choose the dummy up off of the motor shaft. On many Kirbys some arrows expression belt off will line up. Some brown fashions Within the early 70s had a windowpane inside the belt lifter that power say belt off. Now you’ll be able to undoor latch the door latch on the primary physique that holds the nozzle. That is proper inside the middle excessive of the nozzle. Now you can take the nozzle off. Should you look inside the opening inside the once more, you must see that the metal hook inside is on the high, and the belt is hooked to it. That is the way it ought to look if you finish up able to put the nozzle once more on. In case you are placing the hose or one other head on, I like to recommend turning the belt lifter once more to the belt on place, so that you just aren’t stretch the belt.

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Kirby Vacuum Belt And Nozzle Changing

If you wish to use the hose, hook the bottom of the hose finish behind the little shaft below the motor shaft on the primary unit, tilt it up, and door latch it on the high. If the little shaft just isn’t centered (equal amount of shaft projected out on both sides), spigot it gently till it’s centered.

Belts stretch out and slip, particularly in thick carpet. The real Kirby belt for machines made since 1981 has a step on the inside, to assist scale back slippage. Additionally machines made for the reason that mid 80s have had a inexperienced LED on high of the sting of the nozzle that lights up when the comb is pop at a great pace. You probably have an older machine (or your inexperienced gentle mechanism is damaged), we advocate fixing belts habitually each 3 to six months, as they are going to stretch. In case your gentle is lit up whene’er you’re utilizing the machine on the appropriate top adjustment, then your belt is satisfactory.

With the nozzle off the machine, as delineate earlier, to alter the belt, flip the belt lifter to belt on if you have not all prepared. Then take away the bottom plate. On machines earlier than the G (G collection are Technology 3, 4, 5, 6, final G, Final G Diamond, and Sentria) collection (which got here call at late 1989) the comb will likely be connected to the bottom plate. Rigorously pry one finish out, take away the belt, slip a brand new belt over the comb, and reinsert brush into backside plate. The screw heads ought to face the bottom so you’ll be able to modify them. On G collection kirbys, the comb is inside the nozzle moderately than the bottom plate. There’s a #1, 2 or 3 dealing with out, there are additionally 1, 2, or 3 notches on the sq. finish. The identical amount inevitably to be dealing with out on either side whene’er you reinstall. Lower off any hair. Put backside plate once more(some had door latches, some simply push in). Push the comb up. Put a straight edge throughout the bottom. The bristles, when pointing down, ought to hold down previous the straight edge the heaviness of a coin. On a G collection machine 1 places the to the last-place degree bristle down. As the comb wears and ne’er enough bristle hangs down, you set the 2s dealing with the bottom, if it nevertheless is not enough, the 3s. On the older fashions, you modify the screws till a coin heaviness of bristle hangs down under the bottom plate.

IF you took the entire brush resolute wash it extra totally, which finish goes the place is necessary. The bristles angle in order that, as the comb turns from entrance to once more, the grime will draw in direction of the middle. One finish is bigger than the opposite so it inevitably to be unbelievable to place it in improper. BUT, if individual eliminated the ends to wash the bearings and reversed them once they put them on, then the comb will not go proper. Additionally, on the pre G collection brushes, the massive finish may be compelled into the small slot, though it weeping up the tip. Additionally, on machines after the mid 80s, there’s a attraction at one finish of the comb that induces a present in a coil of wire that lights slightly inexperienced LED on the nozzle. If the attraction is not on the finish the place the coil & LED are, somethings improper. The ends may be eliminated and switched to make it proper. IF you determine to take away the ends to wash the bearings, eff one finish at once and exchange it earlier than eradicating the opposite finish.

Then, if you finish up able to put it once more on, flip the belt lifter to the belt off place, ensuring it has grabbed the belt (you’ll be able to see it by the opening inside the once more). Then hook the nozzle over the shaft (ensuring shaft is centered, see paragraph 3) below the motor block on the primary unit, tilt it once more, and door latch it, simply as you undoor barred it. Then flip the belt lifter to the belt on place. This could drop the belt onto the motor shaft, and it inevitably to be prepared to make use of.

The rug shampooer and the previous useful butler attachments even have a belt lifter and hook and unhook the identical approach from the entrance of the machine. Leaving the dummy up inside the air dangerous will stretch it.

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