Options Trading for Beginners (The ULTIMATE In-Depth Guide)

Options buying and selling is a really tough factor to study as a newbie, as there are various transferring components and plenty of ideas to study concurrently. In this video, my objective is to carry you from zero to hero in a couple of hours, even when you do not know something about buying and selling choices.

We’re going to discover the world of choices by way of many examples and graphical illustrations, and explanations simplified as a lot as potential. My objective for this video is to offer you an outline of the largest choices buying and selling concepts and get you to some extent the place you perceive the ideas intuitively, and never simply stuff you’ve memorized.

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In this video, we are going to advance by way of the next sections:

0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – Fundamental Possibility Traits (Expiration, Strike Worth, Contract Multiplier)
3:31 – Name Possibility Introduction
4:47 – Fundamental Name Possibility Instance (With a Home)
10:13 – TSLA Name Possibility Instance
15:43 – Do You Must Train an Choice to Make a Revenue?
23:42 – What We have Discovered About Name Options
27:19 – Shedding Cash Shopping for Calls
27:52 – ADBE Name Possibility Instance
31:57 – Put Possibility Introduction
33:35 – IWM Put Possibility Instance
40:47 – Shedding Cash Shopping for Places
42:00 – NVDA Put Possibility Instance
45:35 – Shopping for Places vs. Shorting Inventory
48:47 – Possibility Worth Parts (Intrinsic & Extrinsic Worth)
53:27 – Extrinsic/Time Worth Defined
58:50 – Extrinsic Worth Comparability Utilizing AAPL Options
1:05:21 – In-the-Cash (ITM), Out-of-the-Cash (OTM), At-the-Cash (ATM)
1:07:13 – Introduction to Shorting Options
1:09:06 – IWM Brief Name Possibility Instance
1:14:00 – NFLX Brief Name Instance (Massive Loss)
1:18:26 – Brief Name Breakeven Worth Rationalization + Illustration
1:21:12 – Shorting Put Options Introduction
1:22:15 – ATVI Brief Put Instance
1:28:00 – Ideas on Holding Brief Options By way of Expiration
1:30:12 – Implied Volatility Introduction
1:41:54 – Visualizing a Change in Implied Volatility
1:49:20 – Extra on Train & Task
1:53:04 – Expiration and Computerized Train/Task
1:54:44 – Why Options Are Not often Exercised Earlier than Expiration (Fast Instance)
1:58:02 – Which Options to Commerce? Take into account Liquidity (Quantity/Open Interest)
1:59:35 – Instance Shares/Merchandise With Nice Possibility Markets
2:01:49 – tastyworks Supply – Get a Free projectoption Course
2:02:45 – tastyworks Trading Platform Demonstration (Shopping for & Shorting Calls/Places, Analyzing Quantity/Open Interest, Commerce Execution Greatest Practices, Bid/Ask Unfold, Utilizing Restrict Orders)

I actually hope you loved this video and realized a ton. I put numerous effort into this video and my objective is to clear up numerous the confusion round choices buying and selling, notably for newbie merchants.

It is not an ideal video, and we did not speak about every part, however we walked by way of the largest choices buying and selling concepts. For added data, please take a look at the movies linked beneath!

Be at liberty to depart a remark when you have any questions, or simply wish to say howdy.

Options Trading for Beginners (PDF DOWNLOAD w/ Slides & Extra Info):


Options Trading for Beginners (Written):

Name Options 101:

Put Options 101:

Implied Volatility Defined:

Vertical Spreads (The Final Guide):

The Possibility Greeks:

Why Options Are RARELY Exercised Earlier than Expiration:

How one can Purchase a Inventory:

How one can Brief a Inventory:

Options Trading For Beginners (PLAYLIST):

tastyworks Tutorials (PLAYLIST):

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  1. Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped you get through those tough options concepts!

    The brokerage software I used in the video is tastyworks. I've been trading with TW for years and love them! Their fee structure is so good for options traders, especially if you ever trade more than 10 contracts. ➥ Get a $200 free stock bonus when you open a tastyworks account:

    I didn't wake up one day and say "I need a 2 hour, 53 minute video on my channel." But that's what happened when it was all said and done. I have made two "options for beginners" videos over the past few years, but both of them missed the mark for many (and myself when I rewatch them). While a lot of people learned from them, there were many left more confused, as I spoke really fast and used obnoxious animations, and didn't use concrete examples to enforce concepts.

    My goal with this video was to take all of that feedback and create a video that was truly helpful for beginners, and who are serious about sitting down to learn. I really hope all of the explanations, examples, and graphical illustrations in this video help you finally understand some of the most confusing parts of options trading. And, I hope the brokerage platform demonstration at the end showed you how actually entering/exiting trades works.

    We didn't cover everything in this video, but I believe this video can help build a great foundation for the rest of your learnings in the options world. As always, feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions, and be sure to download the PDF counterpart of this video for studying!


  2. By far this is the most comprehensively and thoroughly explained Options trading video I have seen. Thanks for putting this out there for novices like me, I will be checking your other videos to get as much information as possible. Question; is all the strategies taught in this video still valid today? I asked because I'm watching after two years of recording.

  3. If he charged, let’s say $50 for this course alone and considering the volume of views on this video, he potentially gave away millions of worth of knowledge. To be precise, nearly $723,683,950 worth. Any sort of applause and gratitude to this man would fall short.

    At the time I watched the video, it already had 14,473,679 views on it.

  4. You've done a phenomenal job with this video. As an aspiring trader, you've taught me a lot since I started this video with basically no real knowledge of option trading. I will continue to learn before I begin my trading journey.

  5. The only thing I would say about this video, and it may be that I overlooked it and it was mentioned in the video, is that options don't have to expire worthless. You can close out your option at a loss if you didn't want to wait until expiration, and save the difference between what you paid for the option and what you sell it at. You don't have to wait for expiration. Other than that the video is excellent. Great job

  6. I'm so glad I found your tutorial. Your patience and slow rhythm teaching makes us digest easier the info. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video. I know how hard it is!

  7. Instead of buying the Tesla option, I think one should sell the option and buy the shares. If the buyer of option exercises the call option, you can sell the shares and cover the loss. The interest and thereby the return on investment is very high.

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