Raspberry Pi Zero Project | Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The information I used for this construct may be discovered right here:

This Pi Zero {hardware} pockets can be utilized to retailer, ship, and obtain crypto foreign money resembling Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a whole bunch extra. It’s primarily based on the open supply, Trezor software program, and behaves the identical an precise Trezor {hardware} pockets. Relying on delivery to your location, this may be construct for below $50 USD.

IMPORTANT: One factor to pay attention to is that not like the Trezor Hardware pockets, this Raspberry Pi Zero model shops your personal key and seed phrase on the SD card! This implies if somebody will get entry to the Pi or the SD playing cards, they are going to be capable to discover your personal keys! It’s potential to setup a encryption to scale back this danger.

Components listing for this venture:

Raspberry Pi Zero (Could be discovered cheaper at, when in inventory…)

Pi Zero with pre-soldered headers:

Pi Zero Case & Header Pins

Sandisk 16GB Micro SD Card

Adafruit 128×64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Additionally, you will want a micro USB cable and potential a micro SD card adapter to jot down the picture

The .img picture file for the SD card may be downloaded right here:

I flashed the picture to the SD card utilizing Etcher

Trezor Bridge and initual pockets setup info may be discovered right here:

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  1. Can you upgrade the trezor firmware on this? Or you are dependent on pitrezor to update to the latest trezor firmware and you need to update entire image to get the latest trezor firmware?

  2. Will this wallet work just like the Trezor Model T? And if you loose it, can you recover your funds/wallet just like you could if you lost a regular Trezor? Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much! I just ordered the Adafruit Bonnet Kit (Bonnet, RPi Zero W, GPIO Pins and Case) for $35. Great deal.

    It was only $15 for shipping to Canada as well. In total, $62.95 in Canadian funds. Very happy. All I have to do is solder the GPIO, build the Pi "Sandwich", install PiTrezor, encrypt it. Then I'm good!

    Very happy. Thank you for the video and parts list.

  4. Cool project for fun but ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE. Do not store lagre sums of money on this; get a real hardware wallet. Proper hardware wallets are designed so that is your keys cannot possibly leave the wallet even when connected to a compromised device. With this thing your keys are on the sd card and can be easily stolen by any computer connected to it. I wish this project did not exist. One day someone is gonna get fucked because they stored their savings in a DIY wallet on a consumer grade hardware.

  5. How do you update the firmware? Trezor io has an update and instructs users to put the devices into bootmode by holding both buttons and plugging it in, but it does not seem to work with this pi version.

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