Taking Profits In Cryptocurrency (How To)

Taking income; everyone knows that that is an extremely essential a part of investing and but many individuals wrestle with it.

Why? I imagine the only greatest motive is that folks haven’t got a constant components to comply with. In this video, I will be offering the framework that I have been utilizing for latest investments.

The aim of this video is academic, not monetary.

IMPORTANT: The outline and content material of this video usually are not up to date over time. This market adjustments continuously. Descriptions which may be right on the time of recording, might have modified since publishing.

All sponsored content material is clearly highlighted. If a disclaimer will not be supplied within the video, I’ve NOT obtained any compensation.

This isn’t monetary recommendation. The speaker will not be a certified monetary advisor. These movies are meant for leisure and normal info functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary, authorized or tax recommendation.

The content material of this video are solely the speaker’s personal private opinions, who will not be a licensed monetary advisor. Buying Cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific end result. Previous efficiency doesn’t point out future outcomes.

This info is what was discovered publicly on the web. That is all my very own opinion. All info is supposed for public consciousness and is public area. Please take this info and do your personal analysis. The speaker might have invested into the fairness or tokens mentioned in some movies.

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  1. I don't really agree… Yes if your in a meme coin and it spikes I would run with my money! But if I'm in early on a coin that has real value then there is no way I'm taking profits early. That's a slippery slope to start day/monthly trading. Hold and think about the future of the coin you have invested in. If you are taking profits then it shows to me that you know there isn't much value in the coin. I buy early or on a dip and hold for many years to come! Think about it this way….. who profited more off bitcoin in 2010? The people who tried to trade bitcoin or the ones who just bought in at the start and just held? Could you imagine holding and making 100x on your bitcoin and selling only for it to run up millions of % over the last 10 years….. In the end its best to hold PROPER coins for long periods of time!

  2. Hi Tom, how would you calculate your total profits from a single token after dollar cost averaging into it and selling parts of your investment at intervals? I feel like its difficult to keep track of this. Thanks!

  3. I'm having so much trouble deciding when to take profits with Ethereum. I am thinking about selling 25% of my Ethereum when it reaches $2000. I think I will HODL the remaining ETH since I am long ETH.

  4. I'm terrible at math what I do with my say $3000 investment in bitcoin one app every time it shows that I have $3500 in there I'll pull out the 500 and keep the 3000 in. Sometimes a dips below 3000 and I just wait but soon as it hits the $3500 mark I pull out 500 again. That's my method . I welcome any thoughts on that I'm terrible at math so I need to keep it simple

  5. I have a question that I hope you can answer. I’m still confused at. Let’s say I buy 10 coins at $1.00 and it goes to the moon and it’s now $100 per coin. So I spent $10 and made $1000. If I decide to let’s say pocket that $1000 do I lose all my coins now? Or how does that work lol. I’m so confused. How does someone take a profit if they still lose coins?! Please help!

  6. does this apply to btc and eth? they seem to be tokens more suitable for long term hodl because if you sell your positions at these two tokens, what else you are going to be invested in for long term?

  7. Sorry, I'm a little late to this video. I have .60 of a Bitcoin and was wondering if this strategy would work for me? Or is it better to just keep building my Bitcoin right now. I'm a noob.

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