The 10 Best Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum In Switzerland, Goldman Sachs Coin & Eating JP Morgan

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  3. Hello, Mr. TMI! A serious question… isn't the company TransferWise already doing what Ripple XRP wants to do on a global scale with major partners and 5M clients… I'm seriously concerned since I have invested a lot into XRP but nothing into TransferWise…

  4. "Помнишь, ты рассказывал про Cryptoda? Так вот, я попользоваться ей. Очень удобная и простая в использовании платформа по обмену криптовалют с самыми низкими курсами. Пользуйтесь, не пожалеете!

  5. TMI, have you read about the Tokenizaion of the ANNA VILLA in Paris for 6.5 million and then broken down to 100,000 tokens on the ethereum blockchain first completed in Europe and Thailand seems to be in the next to Tokenizaion of 100 million in real estate

  6. IOTA is free no fee you have to process 2 transactions to get your 1 done. has IOTA got a working wallet yet? Banks will make there own coin, yay for XRP.

  7. the only way bitcoin will come last is if you go on speed of transaction and cost. As it is the most expensive and slowest coin out there. But it is still the most secure . i don`t need fast money, i need it to stay were i put it(not get hacked). long live bitcoin BTC that is no BTC Sh1t Version.

  8. i always laugh when I hear ADA mentioned…. it's a crypto for those who don't really understand crypto and want buzzwords and appeals to authority. "It's PEER REVIEWED by """SCIENTISTS""" " . Wow, amazing lol. Anyone who knows about actual stuff understands the peer review process is a joke and the term "Scientist" means very little in our current time.

  9. Wait a minute! Weiss Ratings sounds familiar. Weren't these the jokers who put Bitcoin at number 15 behind "superior technologies" like EOS, NEO, Icon, and Poopity Poop Coin? We remember that! NOBODY asked Weiss Rating for their opinion and approval of BTC and ETH. If they decide to sit on a fire hydrant, that's fine. And if they expect us to take them seriously, we'll laugh at that too.

  10. The banks claim they are worried, but in reality they have been buying crypto’s since the end of 2017 in preparation for this very moment in time… they calculate 20 steps ahead. Maybe you should research “who is at the top of the pyramid in banking?” In example… 1988 cover of the Economist magazine.

  11. I think a stable coin could work, but it should be pegged on either a demand (like oil, precious minerals, etc,), or the profitability of the company itself.

  12. If banks were smart they would just adopt Bitcoin and charge a small Bitcoin fee for every transaction. In 10 years they would own all the btc but banks are too dumb to realize this.

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