What Are Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has lead the crypto world for therefore lengthy, and so dominantly that the phrases crypto and Bitcoin are sometimes used interchangeably. Nevertheless, the reality is, the digital foreign money doesn’t exclusively comprise of Bitcoin. There are quite couple of different crypto currencies which might be a part of the crypto world. The aim of this put up is to teach our readers on cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin to offer them with a variety of choices to select from – in the event that they intend on making crypto-investments.

So let’s get began with the primary title on our checklist, that’s:

What Are Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin?


Launched in 2011, Litecoin is sometimes called ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold.’ Charlie Lee – MIT graduate and former engineer at Google – is the institution father of Litecoin.

Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is a decentralised, open supply fee community which capabilities with out a government.

Litecoin is just like Bitcoin in some ways and infrequently leads individuals to suppose: “Why not go together with Bitcoin? Each are related!”. Here is a catch: the block technology of Litecoin is far faster than that of Bitcoin! and that is the principle motive why retailers world wide have gotten extra open to acceptive Litecoin.


One other open supply, decentralised software program program platform. The foreign money was launched in 2015 and permits Good Contracts and Distributed Functions to be constructed and run with none downtime.

The purposes on Ethereum platform require a particular cryptologic token – Ether. In line with the core builders of Ethereum, the token can be used to commerce, safe, and decentralise absolutely anything.

Ethereum expert an assault in 2016 which detected the foreign money break up into two elements: Ethereum and Ethereum Basic.

Within the race of main cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is second hottest and is true behind Bitcoin.


Zcash got here out inside the later a part of 2016. The foreign money defines itself as: “if Bitcoin is like http for cash, Zcash is https”.

Zcash guarantees to offer transparency, safety, and privateness of dealings. The foreign money additionally provides the choice of ‘shielded’ dealing so the customers can switch cognition inside the type of encrypted code.


Sprint is ab initio a incommunicative model of Bitcoin. It is unremarkably often called ‘Darkcoin’ ascribable to its incommunicative nature.

Sprint is fashionable for providing an enlarged anonymity which permits its customers to make dealings unimaginable to hint.

The foreign money first appeared on the canvas of digital market inside the 12 months 2014. Since then, it has expert a big fan following over a really brief span of time.


With a market capitalization of over $1bn, Ripple is the final title on our checklist. The foreign money was launched in 2012 and provides prompt, safe, and low-cost funds.

The consensus ledger of Ripple does not require mining, a characteristic which makes it whole different from Bitcoin and different mainstream crypto currencies.

The shortage of mining reduces the computing energy which finally minimizes the latency and makes dealings faster.

Wrap Up:

Though Bitcoin continues to guide the pack of crypto, the rivals are selecting up the tempo. Currencies like Ethereum and Ripple have surpassed Bitcoin in enterprise options and are rising in recognition every day. Going by the development, the opposite cryptos are right here to remain and can quickly be giving Bitcoin an actual powerful time to take care of its stature.

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