What is Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin? How Does It Work? Block Chain Explained |Learn Crypto Malayalam E2

On this video, as a part of my complete A-Z free studying course on Cryptocurrency Funding and Buying and selling Fundamentals in Malayalam, we be taught what cryptocurrency is, what’s bitcoin, how bitcoin works, how blockchain works, how cryptography works and many others. Come, let’s be taught, earn and develop collectively. Cryptocurrency funding and buying and selling masterclass in Malayalam by Sharique Samsudheen. Learn all there may be about bitcoin, ethereum and all different altcoins.

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00:00 Introduction
03:28 What is Cryptocurrency?
05:42 What is Bitcoin?
08:34 How does Bitcoin work?
11:42 Understanding Blockchain Expertise
14:48 Understanding Public Ledger
24:15 Behind a profitable Bitcoin Transaction – The Course of
30:24 Bitcoin Mining – What & Why?
32:31 Finish Observe

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  1. Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I'm tired of trading in losses myself. I've blown my account twice and it's frustrating

  2. As a digital asset I also started investing in cryptocurrency in a small amount. My doubt is Why need miners to validate a transaction by solving complex mathematical equations and it need a big cost and energy by using heavy graphics card. Y not its make just cryptography like sending WhatsApp messages where the encryption and decryption done by WhatsApp network computer . also to validate all in the network doing the job to solve the complex mathematical equation, but one who have the fast computing power will validate first. So will it be unnecessarily wasting energy by others in the network who were also doing the same job. Also who actually assign this complex mathematical equation to validate the transaction. So I feel cryptocurrency have some centralized control which is anonymous to all. Satoshi Nakamoto himself claim he is not the guy who invented Bitcoin. Anyhow to make it legal currency to accept by government it cant be an anonymous body.

  3. Ninghalk onnu simple ayi karyanghal avathatippichude enthina ithrak complicate akki samsarikkunnath ninghal nallapole present cheyyum but anavashyamayi orupad elements kuthikketti samsarikkathe matter mathram paranju valichu neettathe avasankppikanm pls

  4. Who is satoshi nakamoto? If he has done an amazing discovery ,why is his identity not revealed? There are many hidden things behind the introduction of cryptocurrency. Though its told decentralised, miners are being rewarded from a central agency, which is not revealed…All these creates more doubts …..

  5. Who is behind introduction of cryptocurrency? Where is the central reserve of bitcoin situated? What is the authenticity behind its transaction?Since its not governed or controlled by any govt or organisation, whats the surity that it will be flawless? Since its more of technical computer concepts, difficult to trust…

  6. Bro who implemented the crypto in this system or transaction.there is some encryption while sending it. Can he use it for his benifits or not?
    In that sense can't we call him as a Central Bank.

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