What Is Harmony (ONE) Blockchain And Why Its Getting A Lot Traction?

Keep decentralization and safety

Harmony thinks its community can scale whereas sustaining decentralization and safety as a result of it makes use of sharding, which divides validators into a number of teams and permits them to sanction dealingss and new blocks concurrently. Harmony can now course of 2,000 dealingss per second (TPS), which is akin to Visa, ONE of the world’s largest fee networks. Harmony believes it would course of 10 million TPS in the long term.


What Is Harmony (ONE) Blockchain And Why Its Getting A Lot Traction?

Then again, Harmony doesn’t compromise safety or decentralization even because it scales. For instance, the community assigns nodes or computer systems that be part of the community and validate dealingss, to distinct shards by way of a dispersed randomness technology mechanism. Harmony in addition retains the token variety of ONE tokens required for nodes to hitch the community as validators and protect decentralization at a low stage.


Many blockchain networks are actually adopting the proof-of-stake mannequin, which Harmony has employed since its inception. Consequently, nodes put up current tokens as collateral on this process to have an chance to be chosen haphazardly to validate dealingss. For a block to be permitted, a number of validators should examine dealingss. Harmony stands out from different networks as a result of its structure and proof-of-stake consensus methodological analysis enable it to finish blocks in below two seconds.

Cross-chain capabilities

Moreover, Harmony launched Horizon, a cross-chain interoperability bridge with Ethereum, permitting property to be changed between the 2 networks. This innovation can revolutionize cross-border cash in hand and make cryptocurrency exchanges extra handy. Harmony has in addition established connections with different blockchains, equivalent to Binance.

By permitting nodes on different blockchain networks to validate dealingss, Harmony’s platform can switch knowledge throughout varied blockchain networks, disregardless whether or not they use proof-of-stake or proof-of-work governance. 

Decrease gasolene charges

Harmony’s community rarely turns into clogged, ascribable its excessive TPS and employment of proof-of-stake validation. Consequently, it doesn’t have excessive gasolene charges, which are actually a divide of a centime per dealings on Harmony. 

Then again, a community like Ethereum sees much more general demand and dealingss than Harmony. Nonetheless, Harmony claims that it may possibly alleviate congestion points by just including extra shards, even when the community is dead used and witnessing exceptionally excessive demand.

Big potential for NFTs

The community’s cross-chain capabilities open up some thrilling prospects for NFTs, that are safe digital artwork, video and audio property which may be transmitted on a blockchain community. Furthermore, cheaper gasolene bills might make the community fascinating to builders enamored minting NFTs.

In accordance with Harmony, bridging NFTs from ONE community to a different could also be costly at first, still resultant dealingss will likely be cheap. Harmony in addition announced on Twitter that it’s engaged on NFT lending, NFT confirmation and dividealization, amongst different options.

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