Where to take a position your first $1,000 into Crypto 2022

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One of many high questions I get requested is “Where ought to I make investments $1,000 in crypto?” Nicely, that is precisely what I hope to inform you on this video. I not solely inform you the place I might make investments my cash if I had been you, however I additionally inform you different issues to contemplate and talk about 3 completely different methods for investing your cash. This video is for a whole beginner in crypto and even somebody who is aware of their manner across the house however wants some additional assist deciding the place to place their cash. ▼▼

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I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts offered on this video are for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are answerable for the monetary selections that you simply make.

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  1. Would love to see a video on if you had to build a new mining rig today, what parts (GPU/CPU/ASIC/FPGA) would you use, how much you would pay for them, and what coins you would mine with it.

  2. Hey Andy. I’ve been subbed to your channel for a few months now and I can’t get enough of your content. A bright mind on YouTube is seldom found these days and I appreciate the work that you do. I’ve recently come into some money, to the tune of 5,000£ which would amount to 7,000$ or so I believe, and want to invest in the crypto space as I predictably believe it is the way of the future. What would you recommend as the best and least risky means to achieve passive income or capital appreciation, and perhaps if I was to divvy the funds into smaller pools of money what would you suggest as being the best way to achieve said goals ? Thanks a lot!

  3. ☝️☝️☝️Hello,have you heard about the god news going all over the world with Bitcoin mining process,and you can be able receive Btc in your wallet address in just few minute of processing without any pending payment or delayed transaction??

  4. are there any new nodes that we can get in from the gorund up strong is currently to expenseve are there any others that you think are good ?

  5. Hey Andy, can you look into the police and thief game on the avax blockchain and do a video? They've done two long AMA videos for the community explaining their future plans for the project. They're looking to open the first casino on avax, as well they're looking to become the go-to NFT staking hub. This looks very interesting I'd like to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks as always,

  6. Thank you! Just started to watch your inputs. Very informative. Please make more videos on Helium. I would like to get involved but want to see true results. Tnx.

  7. Hello I invested today 500 dollars in wonderland . But in just 5 hours I went back to 480 . Is it a scamm ? Do you know any other project where I can make 10 dollars a day

  8. hi andy thank you for all your video.
    i would like to ask you a question i try to buy PRE on the web site and never get my token or my etherum back do you how can i get them back .
    i try to contact the support many time with no answer just automatique answer .
    i wanted to do a node because of your video but they never answer i have all information from etherscan and my wallet if need it.
    thank you again for all your video
    best regard

  9. UST is an algo stablecoin so it's not backed by anything despite the name (same goes for the other stablecoins). He said it was pegged to a real life asset like the US dollar but it keeps its peg based of the supply and demand between UST and Luna to be brief and more can't be created without burning Luna. It can and will continue to keep its peg due to arbitrage opportunities, protocols that will help try to keep its peg and the increase of the utility of UST (and other Terra stablecoins in the future) as real world money. He may not have meant this or didn't know but I just wanted to clarify if anyone may have gotten confused.

  10. I would add to try to stick with coins with usages and great fundamentals. Flux for instance, fixed cap at 400 million, solves web 3.0, amazing tech great team and partners. Shib? In all honesty its a pic of a dog, you will get more squid game tokens then shibs. Great video though keep the great content, man I owe you a beer for that flux node! I almost had enough when it was at 1.20 and I threw the rest at it to get enough. Now flux is my second largest holding. Thanks bud!

  11. Andy, dont waste ur time replying those who are complaining about the price, instead put more time on who are supporting you.

    Ppl waste more than what it cost in beers, or something else, but when someone going to start a project that can help others they complain, all those hater gonna hate only.

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