Why Bitcoin is Going to ZERO – The HIDDEN THREAT to Cryptocurrency.

Ex-Google Techlead on the hidden menace to Bitcoin: stablecoins. Following the info and the place the “large cash” is shifting like Fb’s Diem digital forex and the digital Chinese language Yuan, ex-Google/ex-Fb multi-millionaire TechLead considers the way forward for cash and whether or not it belongs to Crypto or the Central Financial institution Digital Currencies (CBDC).
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  1. Bitcoin is not going to zero anytime soon , stable coin is the same as keeping cash in your bank , it looses value overtime ! Stable coins are only for governments to keep up with the data

  2. If stable coin pegged to the dollar becomes spendable at all vendors for all goods and services, wouldn't that really be like counterfeiting the entire U.S. currency.

    Wouldn't it be a bad idea to "print" that many more dollars.

  3. The whole point of BTC is to circumvent centralized corruption – it emerged in response to the 2008 financial crisis. As for CBDCs… with evident increasing authoritarianism & censorship, dissidents will simply be denied participation financially. BTC itself may not be ideal, but there will be an increasing populist need for cryptocurrencies. Viva la revolucion

  4. Suggesting that stable coins is an ideal store of wealth is ridiculous. Stable coins, like dollars, lose value every year to inflation. This is literally the reason to use a store of value.

    Suggesting that the primary use case of Bitcoin is as a global currency is in direct conflict with what it is actually used for. A store of value.

    Also suggesting that the FBI can't track down crypto transfers is demonstrably wrong. It is MUCH more trackable than cash.

    Also stable coins like Tether and USDC can be used for ransom attacks just as easily as other cryptos currencies. The actual transfers of the currency on a blockchain are anonymous and decentralized. It is primarily the backing and audit policies that are centralized.

  5. Part 2: Talks about the "vehicle" to move all of these cbdc's globally, instantly, w/ little to no cost. Now, there's value.

    And for just $589.00, I'll share it with you.

  6. National digital currencies are a horror. They allow the government to seize your money for any reason, and control how much you spend and what you spend it on. It is pure slavery.

  7. You understood everything about stable coin well, but I see that you like to exaggerate with your conclusions. That's why Bitcoin needs to exist, it needs a currency that no one controls. BitCoin will not be zero but 1M $. Regardless of this, your channel is full of videos about your ex, former jobs, past cheap coffees, cheap apartments? Cheap lunches? You are what you do! Why are you constantly in the past? Why do you keep making excuses? Why do you keep apologizing? Why do you live in poverty if you earn so much? Why do you live with your parents? Why aren't you with your parents anymore? Why are you constantly moving and making excuses. You haven't dropped your ex yet, you are physically but not mentally. You're depressed. Get up. You don't enjoy life. Enjoy and spend money. (now I'm waiting for a video about me)

  8. I disagree. Not all countries will cooperate with the central banks. Just look at Russia which supports Bitcoin mining and won’t ban it but regulate it.
    Imo cryptos were not something that just happened by coincidence. It’s happening a huge battle among the rich people who controls the world. I believe part of them wants to dethrone the bankers. If Bitcoin was ‘alone’, it would be already shut down and went to zero. They have said Bitcoin will go to zero many times before and I only see it reaching new ATH.

  9. WOW… Totally fascinating concept that you presented on the strength and security stability a CBDC would have for any countrybwho chose to create one. This now throws this industry wide open. What would now be anyones trading approach or even long term investment plan.. The stable coin currency industry will be awash with regulation.. Whatvwill come of the Alternative market, will there just be separate Eco systems using singular or multiple coins… Whatvwould the world look like then?

  10. I thought this was a piss-take……but you're serious aren't you? Who is paying you to make this film? How is anything any good for the consumer which totally invades their privacy?

  11. Bitcoin and other investment similar are non productive investment which rely on people who are foolish enough to buy it from you at a higher , once the market loses confidence it's price starts to fall , it can then completely crash leaving the so called investment completely worthless .
    In comparison , for example , if you buy a cow and no one wants to buy it from you , the investment still stays productive because the cow still keeps producing milk which you can drink yourself or sell to someone else .

  12. Great analysis…. interesting ideas about the data harvesting via corporate coins. I think Bitcoin has a chance to become a parallel system alongside the CBDC scenario. Or in the best version of the future, the standard by which all the CBDC's are objectively valued… I cannot imagine the people will ever trust a CBDC from the central banks after all they have put us through unless it was backed by Bitcoin.

  13. Wow, the lack of knowledge about what the blockchain is capable of, what it actually is and can do, is staggering. Bitcoin is not private, it is literally an open ledger, meaning every single transaction is open for anyone and everyone to see, at any time, 24/7/365, for all of time from the first transaction ever made. You can literally track every single Satoshi from its inception. Please stop spreading misinformation.

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